Map & species guide for utility box wraps in downtown Fort Lauderdale

Below is a map of the downtown area, followed by a list of species depicted on each utility box. The whole collection is called "Love is All Around."

A larger pdf of the map is also here: mapPDF

"Let's get to know the wild beings  around us, and participate in the web of life with love and respect for all."

This project was paid for by the Downtown Development Authority, with support from Business for the Arts of Broward. Installed by Image360 Lauderhill.

1. Mangrove Community

great blue heron, fiddler crab, Florida softshell turtle, human, red mangroves, mangrove tree crab, oysters, wood stork, barnacles, bald eagle with nonspecified fish, ocean, needlefish, phytoplankton (microalgae), manatee, seagrass, Florida prairie warbler

2. Boldly Beautiful

bear, peacock family, Jacaranda tree, canary, Baltimore oriole, Cuban oregano, amaranth, bitter gourd, wood sorrel, brown anole, curlytail lizard, human, ringneck dove, earthworm, oleander, oleander moths and caterpillar, aloe

3. Food Forest

mulberries, iguana, jackfruit, sweet potato, aphid, banana, mole cricket, yucca, Halloween pendant dragonfly, collards, green anole, grackle, june bug grub, Muscadine grapes, rolypoly, gulf fritillary butterfly, moringa, mealy bug, malanga, epazote, pigeon peas, honey mushroom (in role as tree parasite, not food), millipede, earthworms, Miami limestone (oolite)

4. The World Is Good

Florida panther, bottlenose dolphin, ringneck snake, seagrape, Quaker parrot, Muscovy duck, burrowing owl, human, coontie, staghorn coral, angelfish, cockroach, Simpson stopper, roseate spoonbill, banana spider, mockingbird, bat, grasshopper, cloudless sulphur butterfly

5. Thank You Rain

mosquitoes, clouds, armadillo, human, tree frog, Muscovy ducks, Egyptian goose, lubber, tasselflower, perriwinkle, pink portulaca, creeping beggarweed, oxalis, earthworms

6. Shoreline Sunshine

man-o-war, spiny lobster, coconut palm, mouse, raccoon, starfish, sanddollars, pelican, eel, human, seagulls, mole crab (sand flea), sand fly (midge), sandpipers, squid, ghost crab, royal tern, quaker parrot, Southern quahog clam, glass minnows

7. Stronger Together

sun, mango, squirrel, fox, human, blue jay, red-tailed hawk, walking lily, rat snake, globe sedge, coontie, atala butterflies, fire bush, iguana

8. Embrace the Mystery

Florida strangler fig, pegoscapus mexicanus (pollinating wasp), rove beetle, schistonchus aureus (nematode), squirrel, raccoon, skunk, crow, royal poinciana, human, deer, dollarweed, southern toad, gnat catcher, Cuban land snail

9. Gratitude for This Day

manatee, cocoplum, corkystem passion vine, zebra longwing butterfly, sabal palm, june bug larva and beetles, Florida gar, ibis, green anole, housefly, Eastern gray squirrel, gumbo limbo, ants, bidens alba, spiny orb weaver, human, cattails, inchworm, blue land crab, box turtle, cardinal, European honeybee, false parasol mushrooms

10. Night Life

raccoon, moon, bats, Cuban tree frog, nightblooming jasmine, possum, human, coyote, coreus, sabal palm, small grass frog, owl, rat, cockroaches, Luna moth, green fly, southeastern field cricket, Florida giant katydid

11. Home Sweet Tree

live oak, bluejay family, Monarch caterpillar, red-bellied woodpecker, ants, mouse, lizard (unspecified), ratsnake, termite, rat, squirrel, Florida giant katydid

12. South Florida Wildflowers

purslane, larraflower, larraflower wasp, bumblebee, tasselflower, cassius blue butterfly, sida, sunshine mimosa, bidens alba, swamp milkweed, monarch caterpillar and butterfly, green orchid bee, dainty sulphur butterfly

13. Life Is Love

Meyer lemon, gray wall jumping spider, ringneck dove, queens palm, swallowtail butterfly and caterpillar, common gallinule, coral vine, red-eared slider, box turtle, cardboard bush, gray mold, porterweed, sparrow, mosquito fish, black racer, sapodilla, lovebug

14. We Are All Related

vulture, virginia creeper, pandorus sphinx moth, ladybug, coral snake, sugar apple, stinkhorn fungus, praying mantis, marsh rabbits, human, beautyberry, wild coffee, boar, snapping turtle, bufo, carambola, crowsfoot, hibiscus, green heron

15. Everglades Community

swallowtail kites, striped snail, ghost orchid, hog plum, Eastern rattlesnake, palmettos, osprey, cottonmouth, bromeliad (air plant), stiff-leaved wild pine, sun, alligator, cypress, purple gallinule, spider lily, slash pines, fire, flamingo, otter, water lily, mosquitoes

16. Under the Sea

tarpon, spotted eagle ray, brain coral, seahorse, jellyfish, nurse shark, blowfish, minnows, sea fan, marlin, barracuda, pompano, sargassum, sargasso fish, human, goliath grouper, urchin


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