"Love the Living" -- part of a group exhibit May 5-June 22, 2024 in Fort Lauderdale

As part of a group exhibition of work by several Artists-in-Residents at the New River Inn museum at History Fort Lauderdale, Stephanie McMillan will present approximately 30 new drawings and paintings created from emotions of affection and respect for local plants and wildlife, and from a desire to imagine ways of improving relationships within the web of life.

These figurative artworks are loosely rendered with combinations of various mediums on paper and cardboard, and sometimes include text. Their lighthearted and accessible visual style (contrasting with their seriousness of intent), is the mature expression of McMillan’s life in Fort Lauderdale, where she is a third-generation resident: colorful as a tropical sunny day, affectionate toward the variety of local species encountered and loved since childhood, with elements of visual humor honed by 25 years as a comics artist.

McMillan regularly leaves free small prints of this artwork around the Fort Lauderdale area for people to find and take home, in the hopes of sparking moments of happiness and contributing toward growing human-to-human plus interspecies community interconnections based on collective care for wild beings. Their locations are posted on Instagram @stephaniemcmillan.art.

The group exhibition at the New River Inn History Museum also includes mixed-media portraits by Florencia Clement de Grandprey, abstract mixed-media 2-dimensional work by Agneta Anderson, jewelry by Jenna Ross, acrylic paintings by Constance Ivana, and mixed-media sculptural pieces by Rucci.

Join all the Artists-in-Residence 5-8pm Friday, May 10th for the opening reception -- check out everyone’s work and enjoy refreshments in the company of other art lovers.

Stephanie’s portion of the group show is made possible with support from the Broward County Cultural Division.

To purchase pieces from this collection, please click here.

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